Branko & Mayra Andrade

Portugal’s chief producer and Buraka Som Sistema co-founder Branko released his debut LP “Atlas” late last year. Now it turns out he’s left one of the highlights off the album.

Just published, “Reserva Pra Dois” is his collaboration with Cape Verde’s multi-talented singer Mayra Andrade. Branco declares to be among her big fans (hello!), but the song didn’t make onto his debut eventually as he wasn’t “fully happy with the production work”. “But after a while,” Branco explains, “I picked it up again and was able to put together something that sounded a lot more interesting to me.”

Combining Mayra’s natural feel and her incredible charm with Branko’s crystal clean sound, the song is a part of “Atlas Expanded“, Branco’s latest release featuring new original songs and remixes of his debut’s material. You can sneak peek into how “Reserva Pra Dois” was born on YouTube, and here’s the full track for an obligatory listen:

Stream “Atlas Expanded” here.


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