Heize (헤이즈)

Heize (헤이즈) is a Seoul-based R&B singer and rapper. The first time she got spotlight in South Korea was a 2015 hip-hop reality TV show, which run competition games between female rappers.

Although the show faced a lot of criticism like “lame viewpoint about hip-hop”, “misogynistic coverage about female artists”, many performers were anticipated since they showed plenty of potential in the show. And Heize was not an exception.

That expectation was not a fluke. On June 1st, Heize released the single “Shut Up & Groove” and it quickly became the summer-defining track of 2016 in South Korea. I listened the track almost every day when I went to Seoul’s downtowns in the summer.

Producer 2xxx! and R&B singer DEAN composed light and crisp urban groove, and it perfectly matches with Heize’s tingling voice.

Following the single, Heize released her first EP “And July” in July (of course). Another DEAN-featured track “And July” (below) continued Heize’s summer groove with more drum-oriented beat.

Recently in South Korea, you can spot the trend of promising female R&B/Urban artists, not only Heize but the musicians like Boni (who has been already introduced on beehype), Yerin Baek and Suran.

If you think Heize is cool, I strongly recommend checking other singers.

Find “And July” EP on Spotify and iTunes.


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