Micah Shemaiah

Young gifted artist with the unique vocal, Micah Shemaiah is one of the major names on Jamaican reggae scene at the moment.

Once you’ve heard it, you’ll never confuse his vocals with anyone else’s. Micah’s original voice, deep preaching lyrics and unhacked melodiousness make his experiments in mixing dub and reggae truly unique.

His recent video, “In this Land”, is a who di cap fit kind of song, a rebel kind of song. Even though it’s inspired by thoughts of unjustice and schemes of existing ruling downpression systems, it’s written with the strong hope for changes.

“In this Land” was voiced in Micah’s own studio “Bigga Dread”, but the music was made at the Swiss label Addis Record. The video was shot at the famous Twelve Tribes HQ, where Micah was born.


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