Joana Barra Vaz

“Weird chamber folk rock electronic music” is how the Portugese singer and guitarist Joana Barra Vaz describes her own music. But all these brands still don’t do justice to her vivid music.

Joana’s recent single, “Tanto Faz” (“Whatever”), is a great example of her music’s complexity. Cello, trombone, and trumpet add colours to the sound. The soulful singer Selma Uamusse makes for a perfect partner for Joana in this musical dialogue. And then there’s this multi-layered humming, which lurks in the background only to come to the front at the end, but played reversed.

The song is the first single off the upcoming full-lenfth album “Mergulho em Loba” (“Diving in Loba”), which should be released by the end of the year. And if there wasn’t enough talent in the song already, you can see some other gifted artists in the video co-directed by Maria João Marques.


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