Saebyeok (새벽)

Saebyeok is a solo electronic pop musician. Downtempo-ed and ethereal atmosphere made by subtle synthesizers comes with her delicate, blue voice.

After listening to her music, you can easily understand why she calls herself as “Dawn”, as that’s what Saebyeok (새벽) means in Korean

“Oblivion” is the title track off her recent album, “Division”, a collection of songs she made when she stayed in United States.

As you will hear in the lyrics (“Every little piece in that ship / Never ever never ever forget”), this song is about the sinking of MV Sewol, which took the life of 304 passengers and crew members in April 2014. Silently, but strongly, this song resists the oblivion.

Although this is the original version, the track “Oblivion” was previously released as a single by SINE, the duo of Saebyeok and another electronic musician Kernelstrip in 2015, which is more danceable and dynamic.


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