Lee Sowall, aka SOWALL, started her musical career as a jazz drummer and released several materials as solo and part of indie pop band Temperature of Saying “hi” (안녕의 온도).

But she has also made electronic music with drum pads, and her finger drumming drew several attentions of listeners, including FACT Magazine.

“Favorite” is her first solo EP as electronic musician. Although she made fame with skillful finger drumming, “Favorite” exhibits wide range of electronic music from ambient, glitch pop and even jazzy approach. Guest vocals and raps from Sunwoo Jung A (선우정아), Mxxg and others gives assorted hues to the album, and SOWALL mingles the voice and sound in firm structure.

Female electronic musicians in South Korea such as CIFIKA, Miiin, and YESEO have released decent recordings these days. “Favorite” is another example of this trend. With solid composition and detailed soundmaking, SOWALL manifests the great consolidation of deep emotion and anomalous electronic.


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