Somewhere between Bangkok, Kyoto and Tokyo, the Thai-Japanese quintet aire have been developing their own vision of modern instrumental rock for the last two years.

Just like in the case of (Japanese) group Uchu Conbini, their post/math rock inspirations are paired with a great melodic talent, which shows up in every bar of their guitar-filled music. And yes, crescendos are here too.

One year after releasing their debut album, “You Are Here”, aire recently gace us a new single called “Mizukiri” (水切り). The four-minute song further refines the style we’ve cheerished from the first record, constantly switching between chopped-up verses and a laid-back quasi-chorus.

With some misleading pauses, the group leads us through a captivating crescendo to a powerful yet cheerful final. And makes us ask for more.


aire on YouTube, Facebook, Fungjai.

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