Asia Madani

Let the mesmerizing rhythms and melodies of Sudanese folklore guide your imagination – and your body.

Having lived in Cairo for almost two decades now, Asia Madani is as much a Sudanese singer and percussionist as an Egyptian one. But her roots become clear the moment you play any of her songs. And she just gave us 8 new ones on her new album, “Al Zoul”.

Or maybe we should rather write “their new album”, as Asia is always in the company of friends with both regional and global instruments in their hands – and supporting her vocally in her emotional, ardent chants.

Like in the case of most so-called world music, it’s obviously best to watch Asia live on stage. But “Al Zoul” demonstrates that Sudanese spirituality and folklore is powerful enough to let itself get captured even in a studio.

Close your eyes, open your ears, and let Asia Madani’s mesmerizing, not infrequently insane rhythms guide your imagination and your body.

Stream “Al Zoul” LP on Soundcloud.


Photo credit: Joshua B

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