Aziza Brahim

Despite the worldwide popularization of desert-blues in the last couple of years, Aziza Brahim continues to stand as one of the most unique voices in the genre.

Her new album, “Abbar el Hamada”, contains ten concise songs encapsulating the essence of her style. Brahim’s music retains astonishing vitality while demonstrating her rising proficiency as a songwriter.

Texturally rich and beautifully arranged, “Abbar el Hamada” is bluesy and soulful while still firmly rooted in the musical traditions of West Sahara; conveying both a sense of passion and mastery.

With a duration of less than three minutes, “Calles de Dajla” is the shortest song on the album, but Brahim manages to contain a wealth of musical ideas within.

Built around an amazing exchange between guitar and vocal, it’s an energetic and groovy invitation into her world.

“Abbar el Hamada” LP can be heard in its entirety on Bandcamp.


Aziza Brahim on Facebook, Twitter, www.

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