Baku Furukawa (古川麦)

Inspired by anything from traditional folk to J-Pop, the singer-songwriter Baku Furukawa (古川麦) offers us songs both in English and Japanese on his new album “Seascape”.

“It felt like the last kiss, at the same time it felt like the first” – Japanese singer-songwriter born in California, Baku Furukawa sings in the song named “Halo”, the first single off from his second LP “Seascape” (シースケープ) which was recorded with help of his friends.

For example, “Halo’s” lyric was written by Shohei Takagi from the rock band Cero. In another song called “Coo Coo”, the singer-songwriter Yuga has added her vocals. Sax and strings players are here to help as well.

This album includes various influences, from Bossa nova, jazz, and traditional folk to J-Pop. Baku’s personal history may explain it.

He went to Sydney in Australia when he was a junior high school student. There, he took singing lesson and started to play classic guitar. After coming back to Japan, he took up horn as a high school club activity.

He went to Tokyo University of the Arts, where he teamed up with class mates as the folk quartet Hyogen. He also plays as support trumpet player of Cero. Such background makes his music deep and refined.

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Photo: 鈴木 竜一朗 (Ryuichiro Suzuki)

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