Shuma is a Minsk-based, cross-genre project, bringing together beautiful female folk-style vocals and top-notch electronic arrangements.

It’s a case of rare harmony between traditional ancient songs of Belarus on one hand and latest technology on the other. A bridge between the deep, partly forgotten roots of Belarusian culture and people of the XXI century.

Their debut album “Zhnivo” (Harvest) was digitally released in summer on Ketama Records (Russia) and is currently ranked #1 in 2015 with 9,25 out of 10 points by the music critics of project.

Shuma also recently took part in the Belarusian showcase at Lost In Music / Music & Media festival in Tampere, Finland.

You can stream “Zhnivo” in its entirety on Soundcloud and Spotify or buy it on iTunes.


Shuma on Facebook, VK, Soundcloud, YouTube, www.

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