Best Albums of 2015
selected by Crazy Minds

Disco Las Palmeras <BR>“Asfixia”

Disco Las Palmeras

The third album from the Galician trio delivers the quality we already knew, combining synths, guitars and drums into one powerful and disctintive sound.

While songs like “Morir o matar” show a new use of keyboards and more direct songwriting, “Asfixia” shows Disco Las Palmeras taking a leap forward without leaving their essence.

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Fernando Alfaro <BR>“Saint-Malo”

Fernando Alfaro

One of the most experienced artists in this list, Fernando Alfaro continues to deliver cool and friendly pop on his latest full-length, “Saint-Malo”.

With lyrics that perfectly suit his melodies and rhythms, and with sounds from distant past updated to our times, Alfaro shows us the enduring beauty of simplicity.

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Guadalupe Plata <BR>“Guadalupe Plata” (2015)

Guadalupe Plata
“Guadalupe Plata” (2015)

Apparently, these guys are not really from Úbeda, but from another world, or maybe from a different galaxy. And certainly a different time.

Guadalupe Plata have been consistently blending blues and southern rock with whatever they can do with (just) six hands. Another self-titled album in their catalogue, thos one shows them mature, and once again showing us how capacious alternative rock is.

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Hidrogenesse <BR>“Roma”


According to Carlos and Genís, their intention with “Roma” was not to make a concept record, but just an album of songs as they always have in their 20-year career.

However, there’s a common idea underpinning the album. They seem to celebrate the old and enduring as opposed to the ephemeral nature of modern. Surprisingly, this attitude actually makes “Roma” quite a modern record.

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Joe Crepúsculo <BR>“Nuevos Misterios”

Joe Crepúsculo
“Nuevos Misterios”

While Joe Crepúsculo’s previous album, “Baile de Magos”, was designed strictly to dance to, this time he delivers his most eclectic work to date.

The change of sound that “Nuevos Misterios” brings might have been inspired by the fact that the Catalan artist spent the last two years living in Madrid. Or simply because he keeps being an incredibly curious writer and producer.

♪♫ Listen: “Corazón de Colmilllo” + album stream (Spotify)

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L.A. <BR>“From the city to the ocean side”

“From the city to the ocean side”

Certainly one of 2015’s best music releases, Luis Alberto’s latest work shows their American influences filtered through their personalities and a distinct live sound.

With this great album in their catalogue, it reaffirms them as one of Spain’s best export bands even more positive outlook for future.

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La Bien Querida <BR>“Premeditación, nocturnidad y alevosía”

La Bien Querida
“Premeditación, nocturnidad y alevosía”

“I sing about the magic of love, which changes our behaviour and makes us act in unexpected ways and do things we’d never do if it wasn’t for that love,” Ana Fernández-Villaverde told us.

La Bien Querida divided their new material into three parts, building “three differents discourses, and even three different sounds for each EP.” Adding electronic instruments to their palette, they’ve recorded one of the best-sounding and simply most beautiful records of the least year.

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Le Parody <BR>“Hondo”

Le Parody

“I’m obsessed with Bollywood music and Morocco,” admits Sole Parody. And you can clearly hear it in her second LP, “Hondo”, which appeared three years after the Spanish artist’s acclaimed debut album, “Cásala”.

Mixing reserved verses with euphoric eastern choruses and mesmerizing rhythms, she ignores geographical and stylistic categories, getting even further into musical ambiguity than on her debut.

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McEnroe <BR>“Rugen las flores”

“Rugen las flores”

Amazing live, and definitely one of the most prominent alternative bands the last decade, with their fifth work the Basque group reaffirm their place in the Spanish scene.

With melancholic lyrics and exquisite voice of Ricardo Lezon, “Rugen las flores” transports us to a place of inexorable beauty, showing McEnroe actually deserve even more acclaim than they’ve been getting yet.

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Mujeres <BR>“Marathon”


Barcelona’s rockers are back with a lot of energy and sound that’s reminiscent of their first album, but slightly – just slightly – cleaner.

Their garage rage has been channeled through some modern devices while keeping in touch with the 50s/60s, delivering an album full of energy and good vibes for every lover of rock’n’roll.

♪♫ Listen: “Lose Control” + album stream

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Niño de Elche <BR>“Voces del extremo”

Niño de Elche
“Voces del extremo”

Sevilla-based Francisco Contreras has been known for throroughly unique live events, which don’t really suit standard definitions of a “concert” or a “performance”. But his studio recordings are as unique.

Collecting a decade of experiences, “Voces del Extremo” is a politically and socially engaged record, while very poetic at the same time. And as musically reach as you can imagine.

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Nudozurdo <BR>“Rojo es peligro”

“Rojo es peligro”

Leopoldo Mateos’ hypnotic voice is a sufficient reason to follow the Madrid-based band’s career. But it’s also hard to question the fact that “El grito” (“Scream”) is on of the songs of the last year.

As a whole, their new album sounds somehow futuristic even though they remain a rock’n’roll trio in their core. An imaginative and bright record, “Rojo es peligro” is one of its kind.

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Nueva Vulcano <BR>“Novelería”

Nueva Vulcano

Since the release of their previous LP, “Los peces de colores”, in 2009, the desire for new sounds from Nueva Vulcano has been growing and they finally broke silence last year.

Energetic, direct, yet spiritual album, “Novelería” is a tremoendous tour through 11 songs full of catchy riffs and delightful lyrics that are already being chanted live.

♪♫ Listen: “El mirlo” + album stream

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Pablo Und Destruktion <BR>“Vigorexia Emocional”

Pablo Und Destruktion
“Vigorexia Emocional”

After his 2012 debut album, “Animal con Parachoques”, Pablo García Díaz has gained attention of fans and media with his second LP “Sangrín”, one of the most important Spanish releases in 2014.

On “Vigorexia Emocional”, he goes through such diverse topics as love, politics, religion or even philosophy. As convincing as ever, he’s turning into the most clear example of a modern trovador.

making it impossible to stop listening to songs like “A veces la vida es Hermosa”, or his latest single – “Califato“. All hail Pablo Und Destruction.

♪♫ Listen: “A veces la vida es Hermosa

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Perro <BR>“Estudias, Navajas”

“Estudias, Navajas”

With their two drummers and two guitaritst, Perro are getting even more aggressive and ivigorating on their new effort.

Good riffs, catchy melodies, and maturity showed in the lyrics of “Estudias, Navajas” together deliver a balanced record whose aim is to throw you out of balance.

♪♫ Listen: “Olrait” + album stream

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The New Raemon <BR>“Oh, Rompehielos”

The New Raemon
“Oh, Rompehielos”

Over the year, Ramón Rodríguez hasn’t lost anything from his flare and actually shows capacity for a constant improvement.

An album full of posivite vibes, homour and great melodies, “Oh, Rompehielos” is just as we could have hoped for, or maybe even better.

♪♫ Listen: “Oh, rompehielos” + album stream

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Toundra <BR>“IV”


Instrumental quartet from Madrid, Toundra’s powerful sound and almost ten years of experience guarantee unquestionable quality of their consecutive releases.

Even long-time fans can’t complain they remain faithful to their line of sound, as we should rather praise them for keeping us enchanted for so many years now. Do continue.

♪♫ Listen: album stream

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Tulsa <BR>“La calma chicha”

“La calma chicha”

One of the most immediately recognizable styles in the Spanish scene, Tulsa create dreamlike soundscapes steering between 80s synths and crying guitars – while led by the unmistakable voice of Miren Iza.

On “La calma chicha”, the Madrid-based group give us 33 minutes of unconventional music that transport us to different moments of life and different states of sadness, but sooner or later you’ll find some happiness in it too.

♪♫ Listen: “Leña” + album stream

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Xoel López <BR>“Paramales”

Xoel López

Throughout his career, Xoel López (born in A Coruña in 1977) has become one of the most influential Spanish musicians.

Since he started with his successful first project, Deluxe, where he sang in English, to his reinvention under his own name in 2010, López has filled our ears with unforgettable songs.

From the very moment “Paramales” starts playing, you won’t be able to stop your feet from dancing, while Xoel’s simple and delicate melodies will hypnotize your mind.

♪♫ Listen: “Yo solo quería que me llevaras a bailar

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Zahara <BR>“Santa”


Sweeter and slower than on her previous works, Úbeda-based artist’s new album “Santa” still leads to rock eventually.

A diva in the making, Zahara is already among the most talented Spanish singer-songwriters, but she’s still rapidly growing both as a composer and a performer.

Oh, Salvaje” + album stream

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