Xoel López

Throughout his career, Xoel López (A Coruña, 1977) has become one of the most influential Spanish musicians. Since he started with his successful first project, Deluxe, where he sang in English, to his reinvention under his own name in 2010, López has filled our ears with unforgettable songs.

With “Yo solo quería que me llevaras a bailar” (“I just wanted you to take me dancing”), Xoel López achieves exactly what the song’s title suggests. From the very moment the music starts playing, we can’t stop our feet from dancing by themselves. Simple and delicate pop music with hypnotizing melodies.

This song comes from his latest album, “Paramales”, which was released just before the summer and was described by López himself as “an album with more rock parts wiithout being a rock album”. If you want to discover more music from the Galician artist, you can listen to the whole album on Spotify.


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