Blooms Corda

Ukrainian band Blooms Corda released a new album “The most precious things in the world” to help all of us keep up with the war/life balance.

Blooms Corda kept it transparent – the album “Найдорожчі речі у світі” (“The most precious things in the world”) was recorded throughout 2021 and had nothing to do with war in Ukraine.

It took some time for musicians to decide if it was still worth being released. That was definitely the right move, as the album became a real chicken soup for soul.

“It was light like it was summer, or even April dipped into bitter” – these lyrics definitely depict the vibe of the album. Light-hearted and sincere songs are telling listeners the most basic yet incredible stories: saying good-bye at a railway station, guidelines against anxiety attack, spiritual session, candies delivery and many more.

There’s even an ode for an ordinary day (translated literally). Blooms Corda depicted a peaceful world we once lived in. The world that is still somewhere inside of each of us.

It’s always interesting to see the Artist at work, reflecting on the reality and challenges it brings. Band’s frontman Danylo Galyko keeps on telling his life observations in the form of songs, poems and pictures. For example, one of his poems became a part of the massive art exhibition in Kyiv, the other one became viral on social media as it went like this:

A single tear from a seven year old girl in Kremenchug
leads to a deathful typhoon to moskovia.

At the end of the day, the Universe requires balance. Perhaps Blooms Corda can help you with finding one – in joy and sorrow.

Stream “Найдорожчі речі у світі” LP on YouTube and Spotify.


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