PLAYLIST: Music from Ukraine

We’ve asked our Ukrainian expert to make a playlist of Ukrainian songs to keep our thoughts with the brave people of Ukraine.

There are concrete ways you can help Ukraine against Russian invasion, one that large part of the world is protesting against, including many citizens of Russia who’ll get jailed for that.

But one of our contributors said: „We live in crazier times than we expected, although our governments warned global leaders about this for years. I hope Beehype is creating playlist with Ukranian music”.

So we asked our Ukrainian expert, Dartsya Tarkovska, for such playlist. And while’s she’s busy taking care of the safety of hers and her loved ones, we’ve managed to pick 10 songs for you from noticeable Ukrainian artists and some beehype favourites.

You can find our Spotify playlist below and a similar one on YouTube for some (great) videos.

Talking about videos, this one from 2014 is again up-to-date, unfortunately. We also suggest you to check out our archive for more music from Ukraine.


Recent music from Ukraine