Blu Fiefer

Quite like her origin, Blu Fiefer’s music as an amalgamate of influences ranging from hip-hop to electronica to experimental pop.

On December 30th, she will celebrate her 24th birthday after an intense if groundbraking year. She’s played a number of concerts and festivals around her home city of Beirut, and she released phenomenal debut single, “Jukebox”, which brought her well-deserved attention on international level.

Blu Fiefer not a newcomer, actually. She’s been involved in music since her childhood, she’s played at some wedding parties, and earlier at the age of 15 she went to London to study at the Institute of Contemporary Music Performance. London is also where she moved to recently to focus on her music career.

Contrary to what her music sounds like, she does seem to have clear mind about what she wants to do and doesn’t hesitate to follow her own path. In fact, that’s what “Jukebox” is about.

Right now, Blu Fiefer is working on her long-awaited debut EP titled “The Prelude” to be released very soon. Stay tuned.


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