Crunch have a light that never goes out.

Exactly one year ago, the Nagoya-based all-female trio Crunch released their debut LP called “Tenkiame“. It included 9 tracks, with the closing one titled “Eternal”. Contrary to its name, it lasted just 2 minutes and 43 seconds. But still, it was among the most memorable ones.

It went: “While we blink, it melts by light and be vanishing / We are in between eternal and moments which is on the road to dreams / In vague days, let’s bring all the words I couldn’t tell to the sky of that day.”

Exactly one year later, Crunch are coming back with a remix album of some songs from their debut. And this time, the collection is not ending but starting with a new version of “Eternal” – remixed by the Tokyo-based producer Limited Loverz.

This version is (almost) twice longer than the original one, but the full album version is… again double that. And that’s not all, as along with the remix we get a magnificent video for “Eternal” directed by Shunnosuke Iwata. One that seems to be a perfect portrait of these lyrics.

So as the days are getting darker and darker not just in Japan but in the whole northern hemisphere, take your own light with you and follow Crunch on the streets of Nagoya, and let’s hope it never goes out.

Stream “Tenkiame Remix” LP on Spotify.


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