Danay Suárez

One of the artist you should watch most closely in the modern Cuban scene, Danay Suárez brings us a powerful hymn “Necesario”.

The song is full of contradictions. It’s esentially reggae, but it’s so different than what the style has got us used to, possibly because Danay’s wide range of inspirations – she combines Cuban tradition with R&B, jazz, rock, and of course hip-hop.

It’s extremely catchy, but you’ll immediately know you can keep this song on repeat for days, months, possibly years and never get bored. And it’s light and bright, but there’s a seriousness that will make you pay attention to every word Danay sings or raps.

Play “Necesario” once and you might feel it was necessary for this song to be born, and yourself to hear it.

Danay Suárez on Soundcloud, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook.

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