Innocent voices, complicated rhythms and super-catchy melodies. FilFla is one of a perfect mixture of electronica and post-rock.

In September, producer Keiichi Sugimoto released “micro carnival“, his new album under the name of FilFla, which is focused on his pop side.

Female vocalist moskitoo sings on 8 tracks, and on 2 tracks we can hear a male vocalist Tsutomu Satachi. They sing a little husky, not so much emotional, but no less beautiful.

Together with Keiichi Sugimoto, they also compose tracks and write the lyrics they sing.

Last, but equally important musician is drummer Kazuya Matsumoto, who plays on “breath” and four other tracks.

His flowing beats make FilFla’s music more three-dimensional and natural. FilFla started as solo project by Keiichi Sugimoto, but now it looks like a collective of four great musicians.

Stream “micro carnival” LP on Spotify and Bandcamp.


Keiichi Sugimoto on Twitter.

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