Since the Big Bang

Behind Djézia’s complicated background – she’s half-Gabonese and half-Algerian, she grew up in the former country’s capital Libreville, but currently lives in Paris – lies surprisingly simple music. And that’s only for the good.

She released her debut EP, “Capricorn”, in May under the monicker Since the Big Bang. And it’s supposed to embody both her childhood (classic American pop/soul singers & school/church choir training) and adult inspirations (from James Blake to Lana del Rey).

Yet the record, which you can download for free here, mainly shows the 24-year old’s amazing vocal talent. She already sounds like an experienced songwriter, lyricist and performer as well.

The album was produced by her childhood friend Cj. And friendship is something that often comes back in Djézia’s comments, as it does in her charmingly casual video for “Die Tryin'”.


Since the Big Bang on Soundcloud, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

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