Kweku of Ghana (K.O.G.)

K.O.G. has been living in England for almost 15 years now, but his home lives in his heart and the memories remain strong.

He communicates that already in the title of his latest work, “Zone 6, Agege”, as that’s a part of Ghana’s capital Accra where he “grew up and the vibe, culture and social structures enhanced and developed my creativity and love for art”, and this record is his “ode or a tribute to my nature, nurture and future”.

We get lyrics mostly in English, but it actually helps to send his message to everyone who’s started following him in the recent years – there’s been a number of successes including playing at Glastonbury, finding support of Damon Albarn and getting to FIFA video game. K

.O.G.’s rich, inclusive music deserves it and hopefully it’s just the start.

Stream “Zone 6, Agege” LP on Bandcamp.

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