Gran Radio Riviera

“Tanto”, Gran Radio Riviera’s debut album, is a testament of Caracas middle-high class youth and all that affects their daily lives.

Taking the witness of other ilustrious Venezuelan bands such as Americania or Los Mesoneros, they do a terrific work focused on harmonies and many bursts of dance moments in their blend of indie rock caraqueño, disco, funk and a lot of pop.

In their lyrics, they talk about the reality of their generation: migration, group of friends separated because of the crisis, lost love, and even searching for reasons to be happy in a country that fell apart many years ago, while allowing themselves to be optimistic towards the future with a firm statement in one of their songs:

“No me voy, yo no me voy. No está en discusión” (I’m not leaving, I’m not leaving. It is not in discussion).

A superb and well produced debut.

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