Kim Wooyong (金 佑龍)

Kim Wooyong (金 佑龍) was born in South Korea, but he soon moved to Osaka in Japan. His parents had many tapes of Korean traditional music though, and he had been listening. As a result, he was influenced by Western music, Japanese music, and music of his birthplace.

After his blues/folk band cutman-booche broke up in 2012, he started a solo project and recorded two albums, somehow provoked by “Night Cruising“, a song by Japanese reggae/dub funk band fishmans.

The lead single from his 2nd album (titled “ling lom”) is “Toki ga Tomareba” (時が止まれば), or “I wish we could just freeze the moment”. It is a prayer for lost people. Not only for people who passed away that he personally knew, but maybe also for people died at the Tohoku earthquake.


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