Towa Tei

In an interview with “Real Sound”, the prominent eclectic house / electronica producer Towa Tei said: “I don’t like EDM, they all sound the same. I can’t feel any emotions in them.”

For this reason, instead of playing as a DJ, he’d rather use his time for hot springs. And actually he come up with the melody and lyric for this song while soaking in a bath. “LUV PANDEMIC” means: “I think that love should be a pandemic all around the globe”, he wrote on his website.

Yukihiro Takahashi (from Yellow Magic Orchestra) handles the main vocals here, and Haruomi Hosono (also YMO) and Keigo Oyamada (Cornelius) join to sing. LEO imai sings first part and plays guitar.

A fashion model Yuka Mizuhara adds a cool female chorus “Pan Pan Pan Pan Pandemic”. In this video, she plays a role of a scientist studying “luv capsule” in the cyber world.

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