Just A Band

Over the last eight years, Nairobi-based trio Just A Band have been developing one of the most disctint music styles in the contemporary Kenyan scene, or maybe in the whole Africa.

You can see the reason of their constant evolution in their new song “Winning In Life”, which shows us how to win in music.

The single is an appetizer for their forthcoming fourth full-length. For this extremely groovy track, Blinky Bill, Dan Muli and Mbithi Masya invited acclaimed jazz trumpeter and a fellow countryman, Owuor Arunga.

Adding a charming trumpet theme, and a short solo in the middle of the song, Arunga enhanced Just A Band’s club vibe with a feeling of an old-school party.

This way, the group’s made it once again impossible to put them into any standard category, and that’s only for the better.


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