Lady Moon & The Eclipse

Check out this first taste of the long-awaited debut full-length album of Lady Moon & The Eclipse.

This multicultural collective led by Congolese singer Ngonda Badila and based in New York has already appeared on beehype – actually over a year ago, when they were already mentioning their upcoming debut LP. But it seems they are now properly announcing their upcoming debut LP, which will be titled “Journey to the Cosmic Soul”, as it comes with a great new video.

A four-minute retro-symphony, “Le Petit Prince” guides us through the many styles of Lady Moon & The Eclipse, across times and place-less in a nice way. But there’s a clear person they dedicate it to and you can guess it from the title.

For this song, the sextet became a nonet, with violins and a cello joining the powerful bass, drums, synths, and of course Lady Moon’s voice along with the backing vocals. The video was directed by Zoe Map, and together with the song it’s one of the best we’ve yet heard from this very particular troupe.


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