An artist based in Athens, who releases his music under the moniker LogOut, delivers his sixth album entitled “Πονέμελα (Ponemela)”, that is his second one in Greek lyrics.

While the artwork of its cover reminded me a bit of Tame Impala’s “The Slow Rush”, LogOut’s tracks have a more folktronica or dream pop direction than Kevin Parker’s psychedelic rock or indie-goes-stadium pop.

Singing in Greek with his thin voice, he serves up nine adventurous songs of – not so – bedroom pop, where gentle guitar strings and melodious synth sounds are combined together to an intriguing result.

The lyrics are honest daily statements that pop up his sweetness and melancholy, coming in contrast with small bursts, centred around glorious stormy drums. My favourite songs are probably the most rhythmic ones, such as the enchanting “Ημερολόγιο” (Calendar) and the piano-driven “15 Αυγούστου” (August 15) with its terrific string arrangements.

You may also try “Κυριακή” (Sunday) with the guest vocal appearance of Miss Trichrome or the bittersweet “Αδιάβροχο” (Raincoat), both more downbeat songs with a fragile evolvement and a distinct uncovering of strong emotions.

The album was released in October via Inner Ear Records in Greece and Tiny Room Records in The Netherlands, and will definitely satisfy those who are more into eccentric slowcore pop sounds.

Stream “Πονέμελα” LP on Bandcamp and Spotify.


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Photo credit: Argiris Liosis

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