Morena Leraba

“I would like to suggest you a new artist from Lesotho, Morena Leraba,” wrote to us Zaneta, apparently a music enthusiast from Africa, and we loved her recommendation as well as her letter so much we simply decided to reprint it on beehype.

“Since Leraba,” Zaneta wrote, “besides being a musician, is a shepherd, his music is inspired by local traditions, and especially Famo music, giving a unique blend of thoughtful Sotho poetry with a new beat, from electro, afro-house to hiphop.”

“He has collaborated with several international musicians, from South Africa to the US,” the letter added. One of Morena Leraba’s recent collaboration is his track with the Brooklyn-based producer Kashaka from Enchufada label, titled “Lithebera”.

Just a week ago, a documentary about the Leraba named “Blending Our Stories with Modern Music” was premiered in Johannesburg, and will hopefully be soon available worldwide for listeners to learn more about this fascinating musician.


Morena Leraba on Soundcloud, Facebook, Twitter.

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