Never Sol

Sára Vondrášková aka Never Sol is a muse signed under a prominent label Denovali Records and a singer with one of the most intense, husky velvet voice you can find in Czech scene.

She put out her debut album full of thrilling fragile electropop three years ago. Since then, even though no more records have been released, Never Sol has been a very active musician and one of the few who plays abroad regularly.

She likes to experiment with the form of her songs during performances, from acoustic playing to shows with a big orchestra, thus her non-album single “Nur” is sort of a logical move in her poetics.

In this song she collaborates with a choir of 25 seniors, which brings a unique sacral element to her frosty atmospheric melody. Sára describes this song with these words:

“Both, a song and a video, is about a crucial moment of human’s life, druing which s/he realises who s/he is. It is about a reconciliation and a self-acceptance – an important topic for everybody across generations.”

Appositely, Nur was written to support Old’s Cool festival, an intergenerational culture parade, focusing on a dialogue between “youngs” and “olds”, which takes place in Czech Republic till 6th of October.


Photo: Karásek Čejková

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