Niutone (ნიუტონი)

Not only for fans of Simply Red and the mellower shades of Jamiroquai, this beguiling ballad from Georgia will hook you up from the first second.

Niutone (ნიუტონი), sometimes also stylized as “N!utone”, is one of the rare bands in Georgia with strong blue-eyed soul influence.

Formed in 2013 by experienced musicians, they have been slowly but steadily building their fanbase and musical profile. In 2015, they contributed a song to national pre-Eurovision contest, finishing as a runner-up by the public vote.

This year, they returned with “Virtual”, a sublime ballad that brings Simply Red and mellower moments of Jamiroquai to one’s mind. The video, directed by Nestan Sinjikashvili, features beautiful, mostly black-and-white, slow theatrics.


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