Pole Siblings

The Finnish-Swedish duo Pole Siblings wash us away with their second EP “Sköljer bort dig”, where dream pop meets ambient and a little bit of drama.

It’s exactly one year since we last introduced the Finnish-born, Swedish-based brother-sister duo Pole Siblings. At that time, they released their fantastic debut EP “It Might Grow”, which made us more than curious what comes next from them.

The answer is “Sköljer bort dig” (“Wash you away”), another 4-track effort from Sofia and Johan Stolpe, where they once again combine three English tracks with a closing piece in their Finnish-Swedish dialect (see further below).

The highlight of this EP released (like previously) on Strangers Candy, is “How Low”, the track rightly selected for the first single that caught our attention immediately.

In what might be Pole Siblings’ most dramatic piece to date, Sofia’s brittle vocals keep asking: “How low can my heart / Grow with you?”. A spacious arrangement makes that question sound even more lonelier.

The other tracks are not very different – and you should know that even from titles like “Carve” and “Death”. Pole Siblings know what they like and what they can do well – which is melancholy, ambience, and beautiful melodies.

But surprisingly, the closing “Hålla handen” (“Keep your hands”) brings some hope with its intimacy created by Sofia going local in the lyrics, and the guitar staying relatively clean.

After hearing the whole thing a couple of times, you might find yourself asking the same question we ask ourselves again: what comes from them next?

Stream “Sköljer” EP on Bandcamp and Spotify.


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