One of the most intimate – and most beautiful – releases this year comes from twin sisters Shalina and Shantini Sandran.

TĀL seem interesting even on paper. This Auckland-based duo has been formed by twin sisters, “same, but not the same“. They are of Malaysian-Indian and Pākehān origin. They are inspired by Indian classical music and artists like James Blake. And they feel as comfortable with tabla and sitar as with soft electronica, or just a capella.

Their self-titled, home-made debut EP might last just over 15 minutes, but TĀL took their time to make it just like they want to and it feels like something relaxed, but precise in every sound. Both arrangements introverted, sometimes demo-like vocals might seem inconspicious, but give this album more time it will grow with every listen. And believe us, neither its atmosphere nor melodies will wear out even after many spins.

The inspiration for this EP was “the changeable nature of the bonds that people share”, they said. Parts of it were written during their European trip – in Lisbon, London and Berlin. In a way, this album is also dedicated to their late grandfather, from whom Shalina and Shantini inherited their music talents. No wonder this albm is so quiet, yet so powerful.

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