Tania Saleh

One of Lebanon’s most fascinating contemporary artists is back with another astounding album, “Intersection”.

For years already, Tania Saleh has been known as as a musician capable of mixing global influences and bringing musicians from around the world into her studio, yet without losing her regional identity.

Her previous fourth solo album “A Few Images” has been a beauty, full of unforgettable hymns like “Shababeek Beirut“. You’ll find more songs of the same quality among the 13 tracks that make up the new album, but in a much more experimental fashion.

On “Intersection”, Tania Saleh decided to combine “Arabic poetry, classical Arabic melodies, street art, Arabic calligraphy and contemporary electronic sounds”, and the result sounds appropriately to this advantageous approach.

The “Intersection” she put on the cover of her new effort describes, naturally, the situation of Lebanon, whose location between East and West has always been both a blessing and a curse.

If you find yourself confused when listening to Tania’s new full-length, that might be exactly the state she wanted to conjure with this album.

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