Tayar (تيار)

There’s a talented new band in Jordan called Tayar (تيار)

Tayar, which – quite appropriately for our age – means Stream, is an upcoming band from Jordan’s capital, Amman, headed by Ahmad Farah (احمد فرح) and Bader Helalat (بدر هلالات).

We first heard about them back in March, when they release a fantastic single and video called “El Ghareeb” (الغريب), announcing there’s a debut LP coming as well. The song has an immediate charm, with its soft arrangements, catchy vocals and the right amount of tension building.

In those three minutes, there’s nothing missing, and nothing that shouldn’t be there. Which is quite impressive for incomers, isn’t it?

While we were still enjoying that track, a follow-up from Amman came in. “Mojik” (موجك) has a much more upbeat tune, more pop-oriented and even hymn-like. One could easily see it as a stadium sing-along, as soon as stadium concerts are back.

What both of Tayar’s new songs have in common, beside great songwriting and production, is unpretentious pleasure they bring each time you play it, and we can be quite sure their debut album will bring even more of it.


Tayar on Facebook, Instagram.

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