Contrary to the title of their new EP “Repeat” (リピート), Japanese alternative rock group tricot don’t stop surprising us with their music.

The five new tracks from the now-quartet were released on March 20th, but one week earlier we were presented the first official video from the album, “Daihatsumei” (大発明), which means “Great Invention”.

This time the title is more than appropriate, because over the song’s four minutes tricot seem to keep reinventing the composition, as if they had a musical A.D.H.D. But for listeners, that’s only for the better. It’s a rare thing that one track can offer you such diverse experiences, ones that will leave you both excited and exhausted.

In the lyrics, Ikumi “Ikkyu” Nakajima (中嶋イッキュウ) sings about the inventions in the relationships that will keep love alive, something that will keep his heart warm just like a microwave oven does, and something to keep the feelings fresh just like a refrigerator.

“Daihatsumei” itself feel like an album, but as always – we strongly recommend checking out “Repeat” in its entirety if it’s available in your country.


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