Truong Thao Nhi & Andre Ngo

What would you tell yourself at 25? Here’s the answer from one-of-a-kind Vietnamese duo of singer Trương Thảo Nhi and multi-instrumentalist Andre Ngo.

Composed by one of the most exciting talents from The Voice Vietnam, “Words for Myself at 25” (“Tự Sự Tuổi 25”) is both an ode to finally losing your innocence and coming to terms with the fact “Forever is only a fairy tale”.

Though Thảo Nhi has previously debuted the song at the hit television “Sing My Song“, the track has never felt more complete with the added arrangement from Andre Ngo.

In one way or another, the affected singing, one of the worst vocal trends in independent music, is minimized; the electronic effects are smartly utilized and the key message is never lost among all the modern touches.


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Andre Ngo on Soundcloud, Facebook.

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