U-zhaan × 環Roy × 鎮座Dopeness

Tamaki Roy (環Roy) and Chinza Dopeness (鎮座Dopeness) rap about ordinary happiness in daily life, riding on a 7/4 beat of U-zhaan’s tabla.

Of course, they love to have a delicious dinner. But they are over 35 years old, and they must take care of their own health. They rap about 50% unpolished rice, NEBA-NEBA natto (sticky fermented soybeans), healthy sauce. After dinner, they must sleep enough. Animation created by error403 explains that.

Next, the animation’s main character is watching Instagram alone, and Tamaki Roy and Chinza Dopeness rap that we cannot enjoy beautiful scenery alone. We need friends with whom we can share happiness, and home to rest. Sometimes, we experience ordinary happiness in daily life, and hope such moments should last forever.

They rap repeatedly “Getsu Ka Sui Moku Kin Do Nichi”, which means ”Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday”, which is also represented in the seven times beat of this song.


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