12EEK Monkey

12EEK Monkey consists of Genka and Põhjamaade Hirm, the grand old man of Estonian hip hop and one of it’s most respected lyrical wizards respectively.

The project had been talked-about and in the works for over a decade, before finally going the distance to being finalised and released in early 2017.

The collaborative album finds the duo embracing their cryptic tendencies: backed by hip hop drums layered in primordial sounds, the topics form a hodgepodge of mythologies. The album’s title stems from the Mayan underworld, whilst storylines involve a track narrated from the perspective of water, tales about the bowels of the city – the sewers – and all the not-so-pleasant secrets hidden within, as well as a report depicting the end of the final survivors of the Ice Age.

It might slam with the force of a Balinese kecak or slither and swerve under the listener’s ears like a snake, but at all times, “Xibalba Spa” is a Borgesian rap tome well worth the attention of those who like their rap esoteric and different.


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