Erki Pärnoja

There’s no snow in Tallinn today, and neither in most other capital cities of the region, but the new album from Erki Pärnoja will make up for the winter atmosphere.

Almost a year ago, we introduced you to “Eha”, a memorable single and video from Erki Pärnoja that also ended up in our year-end 99 songs from 2019 playlist. Now we hear it again on Erki’s fourth full-length album in the context of other equally beautiful songs, which were recorded at the same time in Sweden’s Gothenburg.

So what do we love about “Leva”, and more generally about Erki’s music, that we keep reminding you his name? Let’s start with the arrangements, combining rock and philharmonics (not literally), delicacy with power, immediate atmosphere with emotions being gradually built bar by bar. Then – melodies. Nothing to add here. But maybe Erki’s biggest secret is the ratio of instrumental and vocals parts. It makes you wait for each and every word – or some charming wailing – and appreciate it when it finally comes, but it doesn’t feel like it’s all about verses and choruses like in most “songs”.

Anyway, we do believe you should stop reading at this point and start listening. There are several highlights on “Leva”: you know “Eha” already, but you’ll also fall in love in the eponymous song “Leva”, in “Fatigue”, and closer to the end in “Solead”. It means “Solitude” in Spanish and it’s a good start since it has also received a visual treatment from the director Kärt Hammer and dancer Edgar Vunš – dancing all alone of course.

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