AATPSC stands for Aurette And The Polska Seeking Carnival, and it’s the name of one of the most colourful and tuneful young bands in the Indonesian music scene.

There’s an explanation for all their colours, as they combine instruments like accordion, double bass, ukulele and brass with a little help from computers. The Yogyarta-based sextet has been around for a few years now, having released their debut album in 2013. But soon afterwards, they went all silent – until a few weeks ago.

A new single called “Melerai Lara” is a great example of their musicality, and a promising first taste of their upcoming second album, still in the making. It’s also a sign of change for AATPSC , since this 6-minute gem is sung in Indonesian.

So it’s quite symbolic “Melerai Lara” is dedicated to those who cannot be themselves, who feel imprisoned with social norms and the way the world is run, not able to show who they really are. We can’t wait to learn more about AATPSC’s evolving personality.


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