alextbh a.k.a. Alex Bong is what you may call a prodigy.

Going through his tracks, it’s easy to forget that he’s only 21. While the rest of us spent our teens hitting arcades, window shopping or scoring sips of beer in front of a 7-Eleven, Bong was busy perfecting his art, his tone.

This gorgeous slice of electro R&B, featuring the talents of Singaporean electro soul siren Sam Rui, at times, sounds almost unreal. It’s served to perfection, simmering synth pads providing the foundation for Bong’s stabs of falsettos to just soar.

It’s the kind of track you are almost compelled to turn up louder, the later the night goes. Not because it’s a great party track, far from it. It’s a track that’s best enjoyed alone. Turn it up in the dead of night.


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