With her latest single, Uruguayan singer-songwriter Alfonsina makes the moment last.

Alfonsina’s new full-length album “Pactos” was the recommendation number #3 in our Best of 2017 list for Uruguay, so you might already know her latest single “Casas unidas”, which was recorded in collaboration with SOCIO, her fellow friends from Montevideo.

However, recently this song has received an animated video from Manuel Puig, which makes an eerie and enchanting combination somehow out of the current time. “Casas unidas” could have been recorded anytime between mid-80s (imagine her playing as support for The Cure!) and 2018, but in any case it would stand out.

Somehow nostalgic call for a sincere and compassionate relationship, the song’s lyrics are poetic enough to take it much broader than just a conversation of two – former? current? future? – lovers of friends. With some imagination, you could even dedicate it to the most memorable music like “Casas unidas” itself.


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