Franny Glass

The new tune from the Uruguayan indie-folk singer Franny Glass is a beautiful piece that deserves to be apreciated.

On “Cada corazón tiene un lugar”, the artist used a more prominent drum base, providing a more uptempo and traveling spirit. Despite the song’s melancholic reflexivity, an endogenous characteristic in Franny Glass, the final atmosphere of the tune brings on an optimistic view told in a love story that states that in the end, everyone has somebody to love and can find a warm place to be loved.

The music video for Franny Glass’s new single is pretty simple, yet very effective and sensitive. The colors of the Uruguayan landscape, with its slightly wavy green meadows and native trees, are very originally portraited in this four-minute song – that is the last one of his new album, “Desastres Naturales”.

Musically speaking, the song is quite stable, reaching no high emotional peaks. A delayed electric guitar arpeggio goes on peacefully throughout the song, giving the listener a feel of liberty and lightness.

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