Victoria Brion

Singer-songwriting meets… all kinds of other musics on the debut album of young Uruguayan artist Victoria Brion.

Among the most versatile albums of this year, “Todas las cosas que no hab​í​a podido decir” (“All the things I couldn’t say”) deserves a prominent place.

Victoria Brion seems to approach each track initially as singer-songwriter, she picks the next steps from a wide palette of inspirations: electronica, trip-hop, experimental music, R&B and even nu-jazz, like in frantic track “El cielo es fuego“. Even more typical rock songs like “Amiga” have their surprises. And she ends the whole album with an minimalist, ambientish ballad “Quebrarme roja” that gradually gains proper shape.

Brion’s vocals are often heavily echoed, creating dreamy (but sometimes distressing) atmosphere. She also takes care of guitars, keyboards, percussion and zither… so yes, among the most versatile artists of this year, Victoria Brion deserves a prominent place.

Stream “Todas las cosas que no hab​í​a podido decir” LP on Bandcamp and Spotify.


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Photo credit: @nadialguzman

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