Anatomy Rabbit

Dreamiest dream pop you’ll hear these days in Thailand comes from Anatomy Rabbit.

If you were following our Best of 2018 series, you might already know them from an impressive video “Wonder Why?“. Beside the clip, it had a great and strong rhythm section, and an blurry atmosphere.

That’s also true about the band’s newest single “ตาฟา” (“Tapha”), a four-minute journey through extremely dreamy pop / shoegaze that seems to get into the full bloom only in the last seconds or so – and then ends abruptly.

This duality perfectly suits the lyrics about “the day when the light shines brightly”, but “the mind is suddenly gloomy”. And you guessed the reason – she’s gone. At least she left us a beautiful song.

Just before the end of the year, the group also released a new track called “ขับรถเล่น”. It keeps the overall atmosphere, but compared to Anatomy Rabbit’s other singles, might be even called quite lively.


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