Plasui Plasui

Dream pop from Thailand? Check out the up-and-coming – though in their very own slow pace – guitar trio Plasui Plasui.

Early in 2017, Plasui Plasui released a single titled “Dream”, and you couldn’t imagine a better introduction to this most dreamy band. In the next months, we would hear a lazy lo-fi instrumental “Paloy” and “Same Here“, the closest they got to slowcore yet.

After a longer break, this year Plasui Plasui came back with their best produced and composed release yet, a 5-minute video called “Time”. In this slow-paced dream pop classic, you can either enjoy the overall atmosphere or focus on any part of the trio’s members – the voice and bass parts of Rattasart Thoschuay, or the guitar lines of Thanapol Potisong and Jakkapan Pejsanghran.

We should honestly add we can’t wait for the band’s full-length release, but yes, we realise they’ll get there in their own time. No need to hurry, guys.


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