Ang Bandang Shirley

Three minutes of pure perfect pop from Manila-based indie rockers Ang Bandang Shirley.

Young love is the language that Ang Bandang Shirley speak with knowing confidence, a pervading theme that the Manila-based indie-rock outfit effortlessly mastered on recently released album, “Favorite“. But unlike contemporaries paddling in the same direction, the band finds the compelling in the mundane, the disarming in the ephemeral moments.

Such gesture pervades their new single “Maginhawa” – another instant charmer that points at a distant memory with fondness and frailty. The song is absolutely delightful on surface; its refreshing breeziness and sharp, melodic pop sensibilities are perfectly assembled, its effortlessness a skin worn comfortably.

While it moves forward with nostalgic glance (Taking pictures, holding hands / naalala mo pa ba?), “Maginhawa” eschews dramatic clichés and prepares one for a thrilling ride to a romantic past, where one can map happiness out of tapsilog dates at three in the morning and dance through adolescent struggles with someone willing to pick you up when everything else fucks up.

Ang Bandang Shirley transcends these feelings in three minutes of pure perfect pop, filtering these familiar experience to crushingly heartbreaking effect.

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