ena mori

Ena Mori is nothing but consistent. Two years after her scene-stealing self-titled debut, Ena is back with a bolder and brighter statement with what is essentially a pandemic album.

Comprising 12 tracks including her pre-release singles (which effectively set the tone and anticipation for the brand new album) and the reimagined take on “FALL IN LOVE!”, the record takes you into Mori’s vivid world with grandiose soundscapes and deep yet relatable lyricism, putting into song the things she’s most uncomfortable about.

The classically-trained musician merges her technicality with spurts of creativity as she works more wonders with longtime producer timothy Run, and ropes in their friends and fellow artists, Zild Benitez, Sam Marquez, Zeke Valero, Eon Buendia, and more to help out.

A treat both sonically and visually, “DON’T BLAME THE WILD ONE!” proves that Ena Mori is the popstar of this generation. (Camille Castillo, Bandwagon Asia)


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