Ani Cordero

Ani Cordero is a musician and activist born to Puerto Rican parents living in the United States’ mainland.

She was better known at the beginning of her musical career as a drummer for the New York-based group Pistolera, and also sat behind the kit for the legendary Brazilian psych-rock outfit Os Mutantes during their 2012 USA comeback tour.

Two years later she released her first solo record, “Recordar“, which aimed to introduce younger audiences to the great Latin American protest songs of decades past.

Her newest solo record, “Querido Mundo” (or “Dear World”), came out earlier this year — an open letter to the world promoting social justice and political resistance.

Lead single “Corrupción” retains that same fighting spirit previously displayed by Cordero while covering Victor Jara and Chavela Vargas, but channeled through her own compositions and taking particular aim at the political corruption in her beloved Puerto Rico.

In a recent interview with Ani commented:

“It’s hard to comprehend how so many corrupt politicians remain in power when it is known how much of the people’s money they have mismanaged and stolen. It is tragic. And now with the Fiscal Board [recently put into power in order to handle the Island’s finances], it cannot be denied any longer that Puerto Rico is a colony.”

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Photo: Bek Andersen

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