After releasing two acclaimed EPs worth of smooth tropica-neo (I’m coining it!), boricua rabble-rousers Buscabulla are back with “Vámono”.

The first single off the duo’s highly anticipated full-length debut is a call to action for Puerto Ricans everywhere to work towards a better future for our country.

“Vámono”, which translates to “Let’s go!” with a colloquial inflection, also marked an important step for songwriters Raquel Berríos and Luis Alfredo Del Valle, it being the first song the couple wrote after moving back to Puerto Rico from New York City last year.

Its colorful video treatment was directly inspired by the Festival de las Máscaras (Masks Festival), a yearly celebration in the municipality of Hatillo, dating back to when the town was founded in 1823.

“Vámono” reinforces Buscabulla’s modus operandi of crafting forward-thinking tapestries out of a rich cultural past. Look out for the group’s debut album out on Ribbon Music sometime next year. You can also pick up their most recent EP on vinyl via the boutique Puerto Rican label Discos Diáspora.


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